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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 20 | How to tell the difference between advice and a sales pitch | Georgi Bates, Cunninghams


Plus agent tips for negotiation and auction bidding.

Georgi Bates, sales agent and Fairlight/Manly local specialist reveals a whole lot of "back-room" intelligence that can give property buyers an advantage. We cover a lot of ground:

  • How she uses Facebook both as a marketing and productivity tool.

  • How and why she gives advice on competitors’ listings.

  • The questions she recommends buyers ask to test whether a property would get competition in good times and bad.

  • The behind the scenes local knowledge that buyers need in order to make good decisions.

  • What makes an expert negotiator.

  • Can buyers still overpay in a buyers’ market?

  • How she handles vendors who will be disappointed about their sale price.

  • Steps buyers should take when making an offer.

  • What is a 66W and why is it so important?

  • What happens if you back out during a cooling off period.

Find out why it's a good idea to keep your local agent onside...

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