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Episode 45 | Good advice doesn’t cost, it pays | Noel Whittaker

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Negative gearing, superannuation & property investment tips

In this episode, we had an eye-opening discussion with Noel Whittaker, who is somewhat of a household name.

Noel writes weekly columns in major newspapers in every State in Australia. He also broadcasts regularly on ABC Radio and appears on Channel 9. He's written 22 best selling books that have sold over two million copies around the world. His book Making Money Simple set sales records across the country, and was recently named in the top 100 of the most influential books of the last century.

Here is some of what we discussed:

  1. Labor’s policy on negative gearing - is it a fallacy?

  2. Will changes to negative gearing help housing affordability?

  3. Depreciation - is it even worth it?

  4. Superannuation funds - why are we so disengaged?

  5. SMSF and the importance of getting good financial advice.

Join us for some fantastic property & investment insights.

Chris Bates