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Episode 60 | Are property investors paying more tax than they need to? | Mike Mortlock, MCG Quantity Surveyors


The depreciation schedule lowdown & how to maximise your investment return.

In this episode, we pick the brains of Mike Mortlock. Mike is the managing director of MCG Quantity Surveyors which was recently recognized as Australia's fastest growing quantity surveying firm by the Australian Financial Review Fast 100. MCG was the first quantity surveying firm to publish real data on the average deductions for property investors.

We had a very revealing chat with Mike about:

  • Tiny details investors need to understand that trigger paying more tax.

  • Why, if you purchase a property off the plan, it's worthwhile getting a building compliance inspection to identify defects.

  • How data on units sold off the plan, in a number of capital cities, is proving they are not great candidates for capital growth.

  • Why we need to be very skeptical of media spruikers and take time on due diligence, especially given 38% of investors buy new property!

  • Why housing affordability is going to be a national concern because rental yields have been increasing.

  • How good advice from an accountant who understands property , an investment savvy broker, a strategic financial planner and a good conveyancer will save you in the long term.

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