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Who should you believe?

Welcome to The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast

Where the big things that never get talked about actually get talked about!

Veronica Morgan, real estate agent, buyers agent and co-host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia & Chris Bates, financial planner, mortgage broker and wealth coach have joined forces to find out what’s really going on in the world of real estate.

Veronica and Chris talk to property owners and buyers every day in their respective lines of business. They’ve observed a wide spectrum of confidence in people’s decision making ability when buying and selling property, often to the detriment of the individuals concerned. They are both fascinated by consumer behaviour and together they’re going to uncover who’s really making the decisions when you buy a property.

Who is really making the decisions when you buy a property? The elephant or the rider?

Each week they’ll get into the psyche of buyers, agents, auctioneers and other industry experts to learn the truth about how buyers are influenced and why they do the things they do. In every episode you’ll learn from the mistakes of a “property dumbo” as well as Chris & Veronica’s “elephant rider bootcamp” training session.

The plan? This property podcast has been created to help us all make better property decisions!

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Veronica Morgan

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Buyers Agent, Property Investment Advisor.

Principal of Good Deeds Property Buyers, Veronica works exclusively with buyers in Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs & North Shore. At Good Deeds, Veronica heads a team of buyers agents and researchers who help their clients buy with their eyes wide open. She’s also recently co-founded Home Buyer Academy, which provides online support for first home buyers so they can get onto the property ladder without making costly mistakes.

Veronica is a keen observer of both agent and buyer behaviour and loves nothing more than using her insights to give clients an advantage throughout the entire property buying process.

Her clients enjoy frank, honest advice. She nudges them when they need it and pulls them back rather than let them make a decision that’s going to cost them. Because it’s her mission to help people make good property decisions.

You can find out more at

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Chris Bates

Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker, Wealth Coach

Chris runs Wealthful and works exclusively with young families in their 30s and 40s. He specialises in helping guide them through the unregulated property market to property investments that best match their life and circumstances.

Chris has a true passion for property but more importantly always learning, thinking and better understanding the phycology behind it.

Chris is on the front line day in, day out providing his clients an approach that is totally different to most financial advisers who work with older clients with little understanding of the property market.

Chris is known for asking the big questions, leaving out the nonsense and cutting through the noise with what could be considered simple, practical and actionable advice.

Chris is living his life with purpose and you can find out more at

Who is really in control, the rider or the elephant?

So, why the elephant? The elephant is a metaphor for the way our emotions dictate our actions, often without our knowledge. And the rider is our rational brain, the part trying to be in control. This video explains it all beautifully.

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This property podcast is recorded at Sydney Sound Brewery. Produced by Gordon FletcherJohn Hresc