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Episode 86 | Will AI take over the property industry or make it more efficient? | Kylier Davis, HomePrezzo

Kylie Davis is back again combining her time at research powerhouse CoreLogic with the world of proptech & is one of the people behind Australia’s Proptech Summit, launched last year.

A proptech entrepreneur herself, having launched Home Prezzo a content marketing solution for real estate agents, she gives a glimpse into the proptech world.

Here’s what’s coming our way:

  • What happens when property & technology meets?

  • How will proptech change the way real estate is handled?

  • How to mitigate risks of implementing new technology into your business.

  • Ways to create liquidity in your property.

  • Where is innovation making the most difference?

  • Why making everything transparent in real estate builds trust.

  • Should the property industry be threatened by disruption?

This is a great episode & we hope you enjoy listening. 

Ep 30 - Kylie Davis

Kylie Davis - HomePrezzo Australia

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 85 | Go up or go out - the ongoing density argument | Nicki Hutley, Partner Deloitte Access Economics

Nicki Hutley is a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, where she leads the Urban Advisory practice.

Nikki’s worked for three decades in the field of urban economics addressing issues such as affordable housing, social & economic infrastructure investment, urban renewal, precinct planning, climate mitigation & social policies. 

Who better to help us tackle the question of whether Australia’s cities are full? We debate a wide range of topics, including:

  • Will technology profoundly change the way we work & will it help regional Australia to thrive?

  • Australian cities are among the least dense in the world so can we afford to go up?

  • What type of housing do we actually need to fill the ‘missing middle’?

  • How can population growth benefit the economy?

  • Busting 3 big myths: will robots take our jobs, is the workforce becoming too casualised & is remote working the answer?

  • How can density be done well & why is it necessary?

  • Can technology help us better manage climate risks?

Have a listen & please let us know your thoughts.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 84 | How trade wars & global uncertainty affects us all | Douglas Isles, Platinum Asset Management

Douglas Isles is an Investment Specialist at Platinum Asset Management. He joins us to discuss a broad range of topics including:

  • Why fear & greed are the biggest problem in investing.

  • How to think like a private owner, even if you’re purchasing shares.

  • Social pressure & loss aversion: the behavioral biases costing you big time in the equities market.

  • What are the long term benefits of holding equities against holding properties?

  • How to recognise when you are holding onto a lemon.

  • How do active managers counter the argument that ETFs win over the long term?

  • Critical investment thinking: would you still buy an investment you currently own today?

  • The importance of listening to your gut when investing.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 83 | Alternatives to direct residential property investment via ETFs | Balaji Gopal, Head of Product Strategy, Vanguard

Balaji Gopal, Vanguard’s Head of Product Strategy explains alternatives to direct residential property investment by way of index funds and exchange traded funds (or ETFs). We also discuss the many similarities of property investing & share investing & the associated behavioural biases.

Balaji shares his knowledge & demystifies:

  • What are index funds and how they work?

  • How fees can be kept low without creating a substandard product?

  • Can you access commercial real estate via ETFs?

  • Why having a goal, doing research & staying on point long term is vital

  • Understanding long term financial goals & why you are investing.

It’s a great episode, we hope you learn as much as we did.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 82 | Pros, cons & limitations of a strata reno | Justine Bennett, Property Mentor

We talk to renovation expert, Justine Bennett about how you go about renovating a strata property. 

So where do you start, do you need council/strata approval & what are the restrictions? We discuss logistics like getting materials in & out, restricted working hours & dealing with tenants & neighbours. 

Plus, we uncover a whole bunch of pitfalls including:

  • Knowing that buying a renovated apartment comes risks.

  • What reno is a value add & what is overcapitalising?

  • Unexpected ways to unlock untapped potential.

  • Why the location of plumbing matters big time.

  • Concrete cancer & water issues that wreak havoc in apartments.

  • How to buy ownership of common space to increase your property value.

If you are thinking of buying a property & having a go at a renovation you must listen to this episode first!

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 81 | Will a crisis in confidence kill our apartment market? | Eliza Owen, Domain

We love talking to people who can make sense of property data & we’re delighted to meet such a bright, young, talent in property market commentary, Eliza Owen.  Eliza is a residential property analyst at Domain & she joins us to explain:

  • What the median price is & when it's useful.

  • Why recent sales data can be very misleading .

  • How big entities influence the property market.

  • Why having equity in your home is so powerful. 

  • Why we need to think about alternative retirement strategies.

  • What happens when your mortgage outlasts the structural integrity of your building.

It’s a great episode packed with market insights, we hope you enjoy it! If you want more you can listen to her TEDxYouth talk on property affordability.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 80 | Is co-living the answer to housing our housing crisis? | Ed Fernon, CEO of UKO

Ed Fernon, CEO of UKO, joins us to explain co-living. We’ve seen co-working spaces take off & now people are saying that they’ll start living in a similar way.

So, what exactly is co-living, how does it work & is it only something millennials would be interested in? Or is it something you should invest in?

Here’s what you’ll learn from our chat with Ed: 

  • The ins & outs of this type of accommodation.

  • Why millennials are embracing the co-living model. 

  • Why amenity, walkability, convenience & community matters.

  • Why there is a whole new pool of renters on the hunt for co-living.

  • The loneliness epidemic, how people's mental health is driven by the quality of their relationships.

  • What co-living looks like as an investment & what it costs.

We hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities of co-living. Let us know what you think!

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 79 | Marketing that makes you want to live the dream! | Catriona Burgess, Frost Collective

Catriona Burgess is Strategy Director at the Frost Collective. Cat has over 20 years experience in marketing residential property developments & developing brand strategies to help developers deliver the types of places you want to live & work in. 

Cat’s worked on Australia's largest urban renewal projects including Central Park, Green Square, Key Quarter, Darwin Waterfront & Australian Technology Park, as well as international projects in China, Korea, & Auckland.

We discussed a designer's role including:

  • Why designers look to market buildings to connect with your emotion.

  • Social media strategies that cost you money by targeting social proof & subconscious decision making.

  • The theatrical & engaging world of display suites - is the glossy brochure finally dead?

  • How buying in 1st & 2nd stages of a development can impact growth.

  • Will AI transform the way people buy property?

  • Sustainability - what housing model should we live in & how efficient is it for our city? 

  • Visionary things happening on the fringe of Sydney.

Once again, we gain a greater understanding of how the psychological & emotional side of us is targeted in a property transaction. 

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 78 | The rent vs. buy debate continues | Andrew Price, Managing Partner EY Sydney

Andrew Price, Managing Partner of EY Sydney a global financial advisory business has qualifications in economics, applied finance & investment & he knows about the merits of renting versus buying. We look at the myths around:

  • The rent vs. buy debate - what is best?

  • How State Government incentives leads to silly choices.

  • Why we need to build sustainable housing for families.

  • The changing trend around what young families want to live in & where.

  • The important psychological & emotional value of owning your own home.

  • Why you shouldn’t take on too much debt at the wrong time.

  • Tips on suburb selection, asset selection & timing the market.

We come at this episode from a number of different angles & hope you enjoy it!

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 77 | Property data - hot spots, trends & price falls | Cameron Kusher, CoreLogic

What property data should you consider & what to take with a grain of salt!

Cameron Kusher, CoreLogic’s Head of Research for Australia & one of the leading commentators on housing market conditions & trends chats about:

  • Why you shouldn’t assume ALL property doubles every 7-10 years!

  • Settlement risk - what is it & how it can be avoided?

  • Pain & Gain Report- the impact of a property market slow down.

  • What are some of the weaknesses in Australian property data?

  • What is the most riskiest data to take in isolation?

  • Why access to finance is impacting the property market.

  • Weaknesses of a Hedonic Housing Price Index

  • What are the strongest areas in the Brisbane market?

This is an epic data journey that explains the impact of economic & demographic trends & analyses residential property throughout the country.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 76 | Demographics, the study of who we are, where we live & what defines us | Mark McCrindle, Social Researcher

Demographics is a study of who we are, where we live, what defines us. The numbers tell a story. Demographer & futurist, Mark McCrindle is an award winning social researcher, bestselling author, and influential thought leader. 

Mark's shares his understanding of key social trends & we find out:

  • Are Gen Z & Alpha likely to own property in Sydney & Melbourne?

  • The unintended consequence of parents supporting kids & creating a financial dependance mindset.

  • Migration - why are we so hung up on the numbers?

  • Are our urban centers able to sustain population growth?

  • Key factors that boost infrastructure & our economy.

  • City planning & the importance of getting it right the first time!

  • Why developers need to listen up & start building for young families.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 75 | Is Australia heading into a recession? | Warren Hogan, The Executive Connection & UTS Business School

What's happening to our economy & where are property prices headed?

Listen very carefully, in this episode you will hear all about the signs that show when a bubble is about to burst!

Warren Hogan, Industry Professor at UTS Business School & Chief Economic Advisor of The Executive Connection, shares:

  • Are we heading into a recession?

  • What are the big levers that impact the property market?

  • What impact does the property market have on the rest of our economy?

  • What is inflation & what makes it go up? 

  • What you need to know about debt & how to service it. 

  • New technologies & fast tracking, is it harming our ability to make good decisions?

  • What are the signs in a cycle that shows a bubble is about to burst!

It’s a great episode packed full of insights, we hope you enjoy it!

Warren Hogan - LinkedIn

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 74 | Disruption, technology & trust in the Real Estate Industry | Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates

Will AI replace real estate agents & mortgage brokers?

  • Why trust is such an important factor in our property decisions.

  • Can AI manage you through the rollercoaster of a property purchase?

  • Is it possible for APPs to counsel us through highs & lows of key life changes

  • What will happen to our negotiation capability with AI?

  • Who is getting paid for what? Kick backs you need to know about!

  • Don’t assume technology or disruption to our industry is going to be a better solution.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 73 | Why are so many equity investors bearish about property? | Roger Montgomery, Montgomery Investment Management

Roger is the Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Roger brings more than two decades of investment & financial market experience & he shares amazing insights on value investing.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn from listening:

  • How to identify the 3 phases to a boom in the market.

  • Why a focus on the calibre of any asset is so important.

  • How to apply the principles of value investing to a property purchase.

  • What happens to prices when population growth in Australia is underestimated.

  • Why access to credit & interest rates are the ultimate driver of asset price.

  • When you know what something is worth, you know when you are paying too much!

  • What is the impact on property prices with a slow down in construction?

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 72 | Does owning a house = happiness? | Dr Tim Sharp, The Happiness Institute

Dr Timothy Sharp, otherwise known as Dr Happy, has spent decades studying psychology, lecturing & researching aspects of human behavior & emotion. He explains how emotions are entwined in everything we do. We learn that the way we think about things affects how we feel & behave, plus:

  • Why humans are less rational than we think.

  • Why it’s so hard to keep emotion out of property investment.

  • How planning ahead minimises implications of a property purchase.

  • Social & emotional intelligence & why it is so important.

  • Genetic & biological disposition to happiness, what can you control?

  • Minimalism, when it comes to property - do you really need it & will it add value to your life?

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 71 | Life changing decisions mislead by data | Kent Lardner, Suburb Trends

When it comes to property, people rely on a single source of data that is rarely interrogated and often misleading. Kent Lardner joins us for a second time and guides us through the murky waters and statistical importance of data.

  • Why looking at more than one metric gives you a broader, wider picture of a marketplace.

  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance - is it a good thing for the property market?

  • Free online AVM’s & the dangers of misleading information.

  • How to understand the limitations of data & why you need to dig deep to understand it.

This is a great episode full of insider knowledge!

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 70 | Sustainable housing, urban development & climate change issues needing action | Sara Wilkinson, UTS

Australia's first female Professor of Property, Sara Wilkinson, UTS explains sustainability, urban development and the importance of using resources that are local, renewable & energy efficient.  Plus we cover:

  • Overcoming the idea families need to live on ¼ acre block

  • Retrofitting existing properties to make them energy efficient

  • How under occupied properties could solve our affordable housing crisis.

  • How green roofs can protect your property from solar degradation

  • The benefit of aerofarms with 24hr sunshine

  • Why we have aprox 11 years to take sufficient action to stop irreversible climate change.

  • The urban heat island, city centres are often 5° hotter & ideas to cool them down

  • Why the government is urging construction to house us all.

This is an informative episode for anyone who cares about our planet’s future!

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 69 | Shares or property, which one will make you the most money? | Scott Phillips, Motley Fool Australia

Chief Investment Officer of Motley Fool Australia, Scott Phillips, explains how the share market can offer a viable option for first home buyers to save up their deposit faster.

Let’s look at this idea and some other alternatives:

  • Are there different investments for would-be property investors to consider when they can't borrow enough money to buy an investment-grade property?

  • What is the cost of a lemon in your share portfolio?

  • What are the compound eroding effects of fees?

  • Why you need to pre-commit to save & make a habit of it.

  • How behavioural biases cost you way more than you think!

This is an eye opener of an episode and we uncover so much gold, so stick around until the end.

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Veronica Morgan
Episode 68 | How bad can things go with buying strata property | Karen Stiles, Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd

Karen Stiles shares her first hand knowledge of strata ownership & her horror story of buying off the plan. Karen is now Executive Officer of Owners Corporation Network & she shares brilliant insights into the hidden world of all things strata. She is extremely passionate about justice in the property world.

Here’s a few of the eye opening topics we covered:

  • How everyone besides the owners know about building defects.

  • What a variation allowance is for builders?

  • How By-Laws can change on a whim & in seconds.

  • Why you need a property lawyer over a standard conveyancer.

  • How bad can defects be & why owners hide them.

  • What is a Build & Design approach ?

  • Got defects, sign this confidentiality agreement  

  • How the there is no justice in the legal system.

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Chris Bates
Episode 67 | Why consumers want more transparency from real estate agents | Kylie Walsh, Di Jones General Manager

Kylie Walsh is General Manager of Di Jones Real Estate and a licensed real estate agent. Last November, Kylie was awarded AREA’s most influential woman in real estate. Kylie has over 24 years experience and over that time she's held a variety of roles that have taken her from the beach to the bush and back to the city in positions of increasing responsibility. She's worked in management roles for Australia's major franchise groups and along the way has won numerous industry awards for sales, property management and leadership. She's also served a term on the REI New South Wales Board.

You’ll be surprised at what we unearthed in this episode. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Technology & how it's changing the way that consumers can get more transparency from real estate agents.

  • Should school catchments drive our purchasing decisions?

  • Why passive buyers will often pay a premium.

  • How to become an influencer, no matter what role you have.

  • Why it’s important to support those with a minority voice.

  • The differences that men & women bring to the table when negotiating, does this even matter to property buyers?

  • And finally, are women really better real estate agents?

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Veronica Morgan