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Episode 17 | What falls in value the most in a buyers market? | Mark Foy, Belle Property Surry Hills


The best times to buy and sell in the inner city.

Ever wondered why some properties get lots of buyers fighting for them and others struggle to sell? In this episode with Mark Foy from Belle Property we go beyond the agent sales spiel and discover what makes an A grade property, and a B grade one and even a C grade… We also find out:

  • Why the market in inner Sydney is very different to the rest of the country.

  • The one market segment that’s really “firing” at the moment.

  • What’s causing a shortage of listings.

  • When B&C grade properties can get A grade prices.

  • How to time the purchase of a B grade property.

  • How and when they get a buyer to make a pre-auction offer.

  • How a “Dutch auction” works in real estate.

  • When is gazumping OK?

  • The best time to sell in the inner city and where the bargains are.

  • The pitfalls that out of area buyers don’t even know exist.

  • How buyers can get the most out of agents.

  • The cost of buying the wrong property.

  • Interest only loans and the impact on owner occupiers versus investors.

  • How to know values so you won’t miss your perfect property.

Timing the market has never been more important!

Veronica's case study: an A grade versus a B grade.

Veronica Morgan