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Episode 16 | The truth about what really makes property prices go up or down | Luke Metcalfe, Microburbs


Is it possible to do long term property forecasting?

Have you ever wondered what you should be looking for in a property? Does infrastructure matter? What about the impact of driverless cars, noise cancelling and the changing nature of the workplace? The answers are in the data and Luke Metcalfe opens a fascinating window into what really matters. We discover:

  • How machine learning can help us understand the property market and where it falls short.

  • The 8 criteria that matter when determining future price growth.

  • The importance of liveability and how it impacts land value.

  • What else you need to know about train stations.

  • Problems with short term data versus long term hold strategies.

  • What banks do with renovation data.

  • 3D imaging, voice activation, drones & image recognition; what will they mean for the property industry?

  • Red herring data and the truth about space and tranquility.

  • The ethnic predictors of poor growth.

  • The behavioural biases that good data can help us overcome

The future meets the past in this interview. And don’t miss the biggest single factor that affects price growth.


Veronica Morgan