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Episode 15 | Expert guide to the new depreciation rules for property investors | Tyron Hyde, Washington Brown

Plus some very clever strategies for investors prepared to do a bit of research.

Have you ever wondered whether your accountant is completely up to date on what tax deductions you can claim as a property investor? Have you ever been advised to buy property in order to reduce your tax? In this episode, quantity surveyor Tyron Hyde reveals the myths, traps and truths about property depreciation. We traverse an incredible range of topics including:

  • The two biggest and easiest to avoid mistakes he sees property investors make.

  • The most vulnerable buyers likely to get trapped as a result of new depreciation rules.

  • 7 strategies to maximise tax benefits under the new rules.

  • The difference between a developer’s marketing depreciation report & a depreciation schedule.

  • The danger of using depreciation as the sole decision making tool & the other numbers and tax implications investors need to know about.

  • The big surprise - some accountants don’t necessarily understand depreciation & most investors don’t know everything they can claim for.

  • He challenges the “fact” that land always goes up in value and reveals his magic formula combining the bottom of market and high build costs.

  • How to make money out of new property and what the risks are.

  • The case for not sprucing up a property before selling it.

  • Why building costs have been going up and why costs blow out.

This episode contains a wealth of pragmatic, informed and clever tips for both property owners and buyers. And a rear-window view of the good and bad decisions property investors make.

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