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Episode 14 | How carefully crafted price conversations get properties sold | Marnie Seinor, McGrath Coogee


What is the difference between manipulation and influencing buyers?

Have you ever wondered about the conversations agents are having with the owner about price? What about other buyers? Marnie Seinor, sales agent at McGrath Coogee, reveals her discussions throughout an auction campaign, week by week. She didn’t stop there, also giving insights into:

  • Appealing to the emotional buyer & when she knows buyers are most likely to make a strong offer.

  • Best times to sell and buy in the beaches market.

  • Agents are liars, vendors are liars and buyers are liars.

  • Strategic questions for buyers to ask agents in an auction campaign.

  • What buyer “feedback” means & what offers agents will disclose to other buyers.

  • What she does when only one person registers to bid at auction.

  • Why underquoting still exists despite underquoting legislation.

  • Tips for buyers for working out which agents to trust.

  • Why agents like selling pre auction and how they make them happen.

  • The best time to make a pre-auction offer and clues that you are the only buyer and should wait for auction.

This episode uncovers yet more “insider operations” that every buyer should be aware of.


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