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Episode 13 |What's an "honest liar" in real estate and when will they be no more? | Ewan Morton, Mortons


Plus: The two key things you should look for when buying an apartment

Ewan Morton pulls no punches on why agents do the wrong thing and we have a bit of spirited debate about the pros and cons of buying new apartments. This energetic conversation traverses two very contentious issues and there are loads of revelations:

  • How is a good agent able to overcome a lack of trust and manage to help both the owner as well as the buyer.

  • Agents no longer hold all the information but it’s not a bad thing.

  • How agents have been punished for telling the truth by vendors.

  • His dialogue for telling vendors “as it is” when they should take an offer.

  • The secret to getting more money out of buyers.

  • How he gets buyers to trust him and why buyers should disclose info to agents.

  • Treating agents with respect doesn’t mean buyers are not in control.

  • Changing attitudes to apartment living and the debate about oversupply.

  • What’s with the quality of new builds?

  • The important things to research before buying a brand new apartment.

Another cracker episode, Ewan does not hold back!


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