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Episode 12 | The big disruption about to shake up real estate agents | John Cunningham, Cunninghams & REIA


Will the real estate agent of the future be trustworthy?

John Cunningham is a respected name in the estate and he is currently spearheading the Pathway to Professionalism program across the country. He brings surprising insights into what’s wrong with the real estate industry and why agents have no choice but to embrace change. We talk about:

  • Why the property industry is ripe for disruption

  • How will agents provide advice even though only the vendor pays them?

  • The skills gap in agents across Australia.

  • Problem with dumbed down “popular” agent training.

  • The small percentage of agents he thinks are able to become professional

  • Scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset and how this affects consumers.

  • Is the end of real estate commissions in sight?

  • The surprising churn rate of sales agents.

  • Is Purple Bricks really a disruptor?

  • What this unregulated market costs buyers.

  • Why buyers make mistakes, what they’re doing wrong.

  • Who is in control when you make an offer.

The future looks bright for some but not all agents. This is one very interesting interview, especially for buyers and sellers who’ll want to be able deal only with professional agents.


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