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Episode 11 | Can buyers ever win from being honest with real estate agents? | Michael Harris, Raine & Horne Newtown


What really makes prices go up? (Hint: it’s not the agents…)

Sales agent and principal Michael Harris reveals the challenges real estate agents face when having price conversations with both vendors and buyers. It seems not everyone is ready to face the truth. Other revelations in this episode include:

  • What makes an agent over-excited and believe in the property they are selling.

  • Is a “great sales person” really the best sales agent?

  • What makes a good property and what “rubbish” property looks like.

  • Is there really a buyer for every house?

  • Presentation tricks used by vendors.

  • The biggest frustration agents have with buyers.

  • Why buyers should open up to some agents and how much they should share.

  • The dangers buyers face when they look before they have finance approved.

  • The impact of credit tightening and why inner city home owners are staying put.

  • Different types of pre-auction negotiation processes and when it’s best for a buyer to go to auction.

  • How to be taken seriously when you make an offer.

  • How agents recognise the early signs of a turning market.

  • The pitfalls of taking advice from family and friends.

  • Is the first offer a vendor receives really the best one?

If you want to understand how the slowing market affects property in the inner city, you’ll need to listen to this conversation.


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