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Episode 10 | How to ensure you're protected by your building & pest inspection or strata report | Michael Ferrier, Eyeon

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What do unexploded bombs, red flags, lemons and dogs have in common?

Michael Ferrier joined us for a no-holds-barred talk about property inspections. What goes into them, what’s wrong with them and why you need them. He reveals some really important issues for property buyers:

  • Circumstances when strata reports won’t be 100% accurate.

  • The biggest warning sign to look for in a strata report.

  • What’s better to buy: new or old?

  • The biggest major issue in new apartments & who is obliged to fix defects.

  • When it’s a good idea to get a building & pest inspection on a block of units

  • Why he lobbied against compulsory building & pest inspections in contracts.

  • The questions to ask before engaging a building inspector.

  • The purpose of a building report and the best question to ask the inspector.

  • The magic number of inspections a building inspector can do a day before the report suffers

  • What “parking inspector” reports are and why they are dangerous.

  • The circumstances under which buyers are covered by pre-purchase reports and when they aren’t

Don’t rely on a pre-inspection report until you listen to this episode!


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