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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 9 | How to sniff out a lemon in your property portfolio | Veronica & Chris chat

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Quality over quantity: how much do dud property investments cost you?

Chris & Veronica discuss the need to make smarter decisions around property now that we can’t get access to as much money following APRA intervention & the Royal Commission.

  • Borrowing capacity is a finite resource so we need to use it wisely

  • Why the banks won’t lend you as much money as they used to

  • The new impact of poor investments on your lifestyle

  • The disposition effect and how it leads to selling the wrong property

  • What locations and properties lose the most money when the market drops

  • The secret to buying property that will survive a market downturn

  • The biggest single impact on capital growth

  • What the future holds for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth

  • Whether affordable locations make good investments

  • The finer points you need to know when selecting an A grade investment property

  • How to identify a “flyer”, “floater” or “flop” and when to hold or when to sell

  • The circumstances when hotspotting can work

  • The problem with new units and townhouses in Sydney

  • How to decide which property to sell

An entire episode dedicated to the juicy topics of debt, risk, the quality of assets, rewards of patience and planning for the future.

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