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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 23 | How to negotiate for property like a professional | Cate Bakos, Melbourne Buyers Advocate


The inner workings of the Melbourne property market revealed.

Buyers advocate Cate Bakos reveals all the quirks of her local market and the advantages she gains from knowing the real estate agents better than any individual buyer can. She also gives loads of practical tips on how buyers can keep money in their pockets. We cover: 

  • What’s happening in the Melbourne property market? Will it follow Sydney?

  • How first home buyers have created a dual speed property markets.

  • Chinese buyers, oversupply and whether some apartments are good investments

  • The impact of traffic and public transport on property prices and what creates sustainable growth.

  • Auction underquoting and whether it still exists.

  • What is a boardroom auction and why buyers agents love them.

  • When to make a pre auction offers if you need a cooling off period.

  • Where does a buyers agent add value and the advantages of local knowledge.

  • What is vendor advocacy and when/why/how is it necessary?

  • Where and what to buy in Geelong & Ballarat.

Plus fundamental tips on what to look for when buying for capital growth.



Veronica Morgan