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Episode 24 | Is high yield investing really that risky? | Pete Wargent, Brisbane Buyers Agent & Market Analyst


Pete Wargent, arguably Australia best property blogger and a buyers agent in Brisbane, Sydney and London, opens up on the Brisbane property market amongst many other things. Pete has a brilliant mind and he explains why understanding demographic shifts is so important to investors. If you are looking to buy in Brisbane, don’t even consider it until you’ve listened.

  • How you can learn to be a better invest by finding the story through picking through data

  • How you can watch demographics shifts by tracking data and see city evolving   

  • How we have a very short term memory when investing

  • How leverage works much better when you are younger

  • How Brisbane is rebalancing, the property and areas to target if you are an investor  

  • The problems with investing in higher yield areas

  • How buying land is the true scarcity in inner rings

  • How some style of property go for big money right now

  • How buying Pre-Market & Off-Market is much more common in Brisbane

This is one of our first episodes going in to detail about investing in Brisbane and we will be going there in October to interview more Brisbane locals.

Articles on Pete's research into the impact of Labor's proposed tax changes:

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