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Episode 25 | What hidden dangers can lurk in brand new apartments? | Amanda Farmer, Your Strata Property


How to recognise a well run strata building.

Amanda Farmer is the go-to-expert in "strata world" with over 15 years experience as a strata lawyer. Amanda is also a fellow podcaster with over 100 episodes under her belt and she lifts the lift on many of the problems and opportunities she sees with strata. Here are some of the 'aha' moments:

  • Why you should get involved with your strata committee and the best way to do it
  • What well-run buildings do and the difference between a strata committee meeting and a general meeting
  • Why you should buy “Eyes wide open” and know exactly what you are buying and the condition it is in.
  • Why you need a ying to your yang when buying and how two peas in the pod don’t work
  • The ongoing plague of poorly built building defects and why you wouldn’t want to buy new buildings.
  • The danger of a low valuation when buying off the plan and why you need to be aware of the risk.
  • The harsh reality when you buy off the plan is you are sign contract today but are totally committed for many years ahead
  • The  awful sunset date and why off the plan contracts are water tight to protect others
  • The crazy situation when buildings over 4 stories do not need insurance
  • Why building defects usually start after 8 years, when times up on insurance

This is one of the most elephant filled episodes and you should not buy into a strata complex unless you've truly listened to this brilliant advice.

Link to Amanda's podcast, ebooks and other resources:

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