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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 26 | Can high yield ever be bad yield? | John Lindeman, Property Power Partners


When property investment shouldn’t be a long game.

Introducing the one and only, John Lindeman. John is one of Australia's most respected Property Educators with over 40 years of personal investing experience and research driven education. When experts need advice, they go to John .

Chris unfortunately was MIA on this one, and he was gutted because it was one of the most enlightening episodes on where it can all go wrong for investors

  • The biggest mistake when investing for yield 
  • How people tend not to understand what happens to yield when prices go down
  • Would you buy in Hobart now 
  • If booms are driven by investors and their lifespan.
  • Why you need to value a property right if buying
  • If all cities behave differently and the impact the Brisbane Flood had.
  • How long the impact of natural disasters can take for people to get over them.
  • What government policies impact the market and when it fails, what they do
  • The average growth all the way back to 1901
  • What was more valuable back in 1901, country home or a city house
  • If migrants drive growth in cities and the type of property they love

These are just some of the big points and that's after I cut ten other big points out.

This one is not to be missed by keen property investors.

Chris Bates