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Episode 27 | Should renovators worry more about over or under-capitalising? | Tom Wills, TWArchitects


What should buyers look at before buying a "renovator's delight"?

Introducing, Tom Wills. Tom is an Architect of over 20 years and runs his own firm TWArchitects, specialising in residential design and small developments.

This is one hell of an episode that gets the elephants roaring in the renovation world.

There’s lots to cover in this one and this list is only the start:

  • Why you should go to see an architects before you buy your dream property.

  • How councils are their own kingdom and do things their way or the highway.

  • Beware the community NIMBY group.

  • Why Council rules are subjective, not set in stone.

  • Why you should not fall for myth of precedence.

  • How planning rules constantly change and you need to have a plan of attack in advance.

  • How you can under capitalise, even more so than over.

  • Styles of houses go in and out of fashion, but what enduring qualities survive?

  • What to look for in an architect.

  • Issues with building contracts to be aware of.

You do not want to miss it if you’re even dreaming of renovating.


Chris Bates