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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 28 | Do school catchment areas make people pay more for their home? | Lynette Malcolm, Chadwick Real Estate


The stress created by “keeping up with the Joneses”.

Introducing, a very funny and insightful Lynette Malcolm. Lynette is one of the top agents in the Upper North Shore of Sydney and knows her market better than anyone. Chris was sadly absent for this episode, but he wouldn’t have had a chance to get a word in because Veronica and Lynette bounced off each other hilariously.

In particular they covered:

  • How home priorities change when kids finish school.

  • Where the money flows to from the Upper North Shore.

  • When renting before buying in a new area can be the right move.

  • Why you shouldn’t apologise when viewing a property multiple times.

  • Is “happy wife, happy life” driving the vast majority of our property market?

  • How our home is our castle and status drives many decisions.

  • What can happen when you rush and buy the wrong home.

  • Why you need to be careful when finding comparable sales data.

  • How to position your offer to improve your chances of acceptance.

  • In what circumstances will an offer never be accepted?

This is such an enlightening episode into the dynamics of buying a home.

Chris Bates