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Episode 29 | Negotiation masterclass | Fiona McKenzie, Resolving Matters


How to stop your emotions trumping logic.

Fiona McKenzie is a negotiating extraordinaire and runs her own consultancy firm. She has degrees, MBA and university medals on her mantle piece, but what was so interesting is that this is all about the “Elephant”. There are so many great techniques that we can all use in life in this episode but more relevant when negotiating to buy a property.  

We discussed so many great point and here are just a few of the big ones:

  • What a BATNA is and why you need one.

  • Why must have a least acceptable agreement BEFORE you start.

  • How to negotiate by knowing the other’s motivations.

  • What is the point when you will get long term buyers remorse.

  • The “winners curse” phenomena.

  • Why some negotiation is not always about the price.

  • What has been debunked in negotiation tactics.

  • Why silence is so effective.

  • When to use the “going to the balcony” technique.  

  • How great negotiators practice to get perfect.

  • When “gut feel” should be trusted.

This is such an important episode on negotiating smartly.


Chris Bates