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Episode 30 | Why property makes people crazy | Kylie Davis, Real Content Marketing


Finding the human stories behind property data.

Kylie Davis is a content extraordinaire who has worked in and around the property market for many years. Originally a journalist, she recently started her own content marketing business after spending four years at Australia’s #1 property data source, CoreLogic.

This is such an amazing episode as we explore data but also the people side to property. Here’s a few of the things we discussed:

  • How property is more about people than prices.

  • What buyers and sellers really think about sales agents.

  • Why low expectations presents an opportunity for real estate agents.

  • The best agent aren’t necessarily those who sell the most.

  • How to mystery shop the best agent for you.

  • How poor agent behaviour can turn off buyers.

  • How technology is changing the real estate experience.

  • What’s the difference between median value and median price?

  • Which data can help determine your bidding strategy.

  • How the principal of “measure twice, cut once” applies to buying property.

This is such a great episode to further your thinking on what may change in property, and what will stay the same.


Kylie’s article on buyer and seller psychology:

Kylie’s Corelogic reports on buyer and vendor perceptions of agents:

Veronica’s article on looking into median prices:

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