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Episode 31 | New ways for people to get onto the property ladder | Anthony Millet, BrickX


How to tackle affordability, liquidity, risk and lack of borrowing capacity.

Anthony Millet, director of BrickX, which offers a new model of getting onto the property ladder “one brick at a time”. This is NOT a sales pitch, rather an exploration of what it means when a “lumpy asset” is broken down into “bricks” that can be sold one at a time. Here’s what we cover:

  • What is fractional property investment?

  • What’s been the best performing investment over the past 20 years.

  • The benefits of liquidity and the power of cash.

  • Why property can’t be measured like your share portfolio.

  • Issues with diversification.

  • The philosophy underpinning blue chip investment property.

  • Why venture capitalists are liking this model.

  • How much gearing is required to make a blue chip property positive geared.

  • Why you should not use your credit card to buy investments.

  • Short term versus long term property investment.

  • A potential market adjustment resulting from changes to negative gearing.

  • What drives the flight to safety in times of crisis.

  • The affordability problem and what’s really caused it.

Fundamentally any investor MUST remember that quality beats quantity, so listen and let us know what you think about this as an option.


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