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Episode 32 | Is negative gearing really going to be a vote winner? | Ben Kingsley, Empower Wealth & The Property Couch


Property investors unite to stop us all being thrown under the bus!

Ben Kingsley is probably best known for being one half of Australia’s number one property podcast “The Property Couch”. Ben is without doubt one of Australia’s big names when it comes to property investment and his business Empower Wealth has helped thousands of Australians. It was such a pleasure to get Ben fired up and we sure did get to talk about the things nobody talks about!

  • The case for regulation of the property industry.

  • Should you buy and hold, or buy and sell?

  • Why low wages growth will be a worry for property investors.

  • How big data could improve investing opportunities.

  • What is PICA and why investors should join.

  • Why a lot of financial planners don’t look at property.

  • How families should come together with family wealth.

  • The best money management system for your life.

  • Why negative gearing is a political tool and how removing it will affect the market.

  • How house and land packages are sold, and discounted.

  • What do state governments really want and why GST may be going up.

  • Why second tier cities need to be on your radar.

What a brilliant episode!


The Property Couch

Property Investors Council of Australia - PLEASE JOIN!

Chris Bates