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Episode 33 | Why gentrification is the key to successful investing and how to nail it | Peter Koulizos, The Property Professor


Plus the pitfalls of property development for first timers.

Peter Koulizos is one of Australia’s best known property commentators for good reason. As a university lecturer, Peter’s passion and skill is in educating people and he brings research to the minds of investors that makes a hell of a lot of common sense. Peter is also a respected author and this episode is one that you’ll be nodding your head to as he is so practical! Some of the big points we covered include:

  • Which locations he thinks will get the best return in next 5-10 years.

  • Why the apartment market is a different beast to houses.

  • How do developers make a profit.

  • Why Australians LOVE older property.

  • If population is a good determinant of capital growth.

  • Can small cities grow at the same rate as big ones.

  • Should you time the market, or focus on time in the market?

  • Do overseas experts understand the Australian Property market?

  • How you can pick the next growth suburbs.

  • The what, how and why of Gentrification

  • Is property unaffordable really?

We will have to get Peter back on because Chris got told off for continuing to ask questions!!

Chris Bates