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Episode 34 | The hidden things to look for when working out the price to pay | Shelley Horton, Albion Avenue


Plus a sneak peek into the Blue Mountains property market.

Shelley Horton has been a property valuer for over 20 years and worked in many different parts of the industry including the much misunderstood area of Lenders Mortgage Insurance. For the past five years, Shelley has been running her own buyers agency in Sydney and her expertise extends to helping tree changers in the Blue Mountains.

As usual, we covered plenty of ground in this episode, including:

  • What a good valuer does when researching recent sales.

  • Why the sale price doesn’t tell always the full story.

  • How banks and buyers value property for different reasons.

  • Why what else is on the market can change a property’s value.

  • How being cashed up can make you susceptible to overpaying.

  • Who does lenders mortgage insurance protect?

  • Dangers in investing where banks don’t want to go.

  • Why young couples are tree changing to Blue Mountains

  • What to buy in more volatile markets.

  • Why national parks can be a good thing for property prices.


Chris Bates