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Episode 35 | How to work out where to buy and what to renovate | Jane Slack Smith, Your Property Success


The Reno Queen's secrets of success.

Jane Slack Smith is probably best known for creating the Your Property Success online education program. Jane has worked with thousands of students through the Ultimate Guide to Renovation course and Location Masterclass and also runs a successful mortgage broking business. In this interview we cover a range of investment fundamentals, including:

  1. The danger of “hot-spotters” who forget to tell you when to exit.

  2. Why you don’t need to be an active investor or have lots of properties to be successful.

  3. The difference between a property flip and a flop.

  4. The cost of time when renovating.

  5. Renovation strategies: Repair, Rejuvenation, Refresh, Restructure and Revamp.

  6. The real cost of a dream lifestyle in retirement.

  7. The importance of cash-flow.

  8. Why borrowing capacity is going to get worse.

  9. The truth behind “that 60 Minutes story” and sensational journalism.

  10. How to narrow 8,000 suburbs down to 330 suburbs.

  11. Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s less risky.

  12. How bad decisions often compound.


Jane’s eBook - The Room-by-Room Guide To Renovate For Profit:

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Jane has generously offered “The Elephant” a sponsorship agreement, which means if you go on to subscribe to one of her courses after downloading either of these eBooks, she’ll make a contribution towards the production costs of this podcast.

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