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Episode 36 | How can an auctioneer influence bidders even in a buyers' market? | Tim Heavyside, Fletchers


“What I'm trying to do is influence a situation because that's what selling is.”

Tim Heavyside, sales agent, auctioneer and director of Melbourne based Fletchers, is the very auctioneer we critiqued with behavioural scientist Simon Russell in our first episode! Tim is the consummate professional, and it should come as no surprise that he is acutely aware of the ways in which his actions influence the behaviour of property buyers.

Buyers need to be very, very aware that many auctioneers, particular someone like Tim, invest an enormous amount of their own personal development, education, training and practice to get to a point where they are an absolute expert at what they’re doing.

This is a very revealing episode, in which we covered:

  • How he “gets in buyers’ heads” so they engage and bid at auction.

  • How he stops confident bidders scaring off timid bidders.

  • The subtle distinction between indicative sale price and an estimated sale price.

  • What’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears got to do with property?

  • Nasty vendors and nice vendors - who gets the best price?

  • What happens when you get fined for under-quoting.

  • How storytelling gets traction and how traction gets momentum at auction.

  • How often luck is involved at auction for both sellers and buyers.

  • What happens when the owner wants more than the agent has quoted them?

  • The anchoring statements he makes and their desired effect.


Veronica’s video on how to set your maximum bid:

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