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The Elephant In The Room Property Podcast with Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates


Episode 37 | How to understand the most cyclical property market in the world | Frank Gelber, BIS Oxford Economics


Will Australian property prices continue to fall, correct or stagnate?

Frank Gelber describes himself as “a property forecaster with a long memory”. In this interview we are all treated to a masterclass in property cycles from an expert with an impressive pedigree. Frank is a director of BIS Oxford economics and he takes us on a whirlwind tour of the entire Australian property market and explains how interconnected it all is. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How buyers can navigate property cycles safely.

  • Options for different players in the property market - developers, short term investors, renovators, long term investors, owner occupiers.

  • What it takes to set off a boom and how long it takes to absorb the excess capacity created during that boom.

  • Which commercial market is about to have an “almighty boom”.

  • In a low growth market should you chase yield?

  • The structural changes in the economy and the knock on effect in our housing.

  • Why removing negative gearing will result in increased rents.

  • The domino effect of a low Aussie dollar, increases in tourism, jobs and population growth.

  • Why corporates haven’t got into residential property investment.

  • Build to rent, is it a good idea and can it work in Australia?


Veronica’s case study on two properties in a falling market:
Frank’s website:

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