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Episode 38 | Why do people want to escape from the city? | Bryce Holdaway, The Property Couch


Is buying property on television different to real life?

Bryce Holdaway, Veronica’s TV co-host, is also co-host of the incredibly popular podcast The Property Couch and the soon to be released brand new TV series called Escape From the City. In this episode we discuss the ups and downs of making a sea or tree change. Plus why it’s important to think ahead when you buy property, whether or not you’re moving away from the city. The top three takeaways are:

  1. How to mitigate the risks of a sea change or tree change, the importance of “People Like Us” and reminiscing about the lessons learnt while filming.

  2. Mindfulness and property decisions and how to do a lifestyle audit before making a big move.

  3. The downsides of relocating and what to do in the first year to make it a success.

Bryce also makes a big embarrassing confession about Location Location Location Australia!!


Chris Bates