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Episode 39 | Where can you get excellent financial & property advice? | Stuart Wemyss, ProSolution & Investopoly


How many investment properties do we really need to retire well?

Stuart Wemyss is one of Australia’s top financial experts and has been running his own financial planning & mortgage broking business for over 15 years. Stuart truly gets the important cross-over between good property advice and good financial advice. He’s written many books and his new one Investopoly is a must read because it covers the importance of quality assets and sound evidence based financial strategy.

  1. Whether you should DIY or use an adviser to help you with your biggest investment decision in a totally unregulated market.

  2. How important is your first property and some cheeky investment strategies for First Home Buyers

  3. What qualifies a property to be investment grade and the three things you must do to stay ahead of the herd

This is a long one, but we didn’t cut it because there was nothing in there that wasn’t valuable! Enjoy.

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