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Episode 41 | Where can first home buyers get the best advice? | Meighan Hetherington, Property Pursuit


Why your first property purchase is your most important financial decision.

Meighan Hetherington is one of Brisbane’s most respected buyers agents with 15 years experience and over 650 purchased properties under her belt. This entire episode is dedicated to first home buyers. Getting your first purchase right can set you up for life but getting it wrong can be devastating. We delve into the best sources of advice for first home buyers. Here are some of the big issues we tackle:

  1. Is the government actually helping first home buyers or stitching their financial future up?

  2. What compromises can first home buyers make and what they should never consider?

  3. The dangers in not realising what we don’t know and how first home buyers have the most to lose.

This advice is better than anything your parents will tell you!

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Meighan & Veronica are collaborating on a project aimed at helping first home buyers to get on the property ladder without making mistakes.
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