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Episode 42 | How to invest in Melbourne and avoid overdevelopment | Jarrod McCabe, Wakelin Property Advisory


The importance of understanding a multifaceted buyer pool.

Jarrod McCabe is director of Wakelin Property Advisory. Wakelin specializes in the investor market in Melbourne, and Jarrod runs a team of property advisors.

Wakelin has been around for decades, and Jarrod's been there for eight and a half years, but he started his career as a valuer almost twenty years ago. Now, he knows the Melbourne’s property market inside out.

This episode covers:

  1. The importance of streetscape for capital growth

  2. Which apartments are in scarce supply and high demand

  3. Good property managers and tenants rights

Jarrod gives us a tour of Melbourne’s property market and highlights what makes a stellar investment.  

Jarrod’s Details:

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