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Episode 43 | Elections, Royal Commissions, negative gearing & what drives our economy | Stephen Koukoulas


What are property prices likely to do in 2019?

In this episode, we pick the brains of Stephen Koukoulas, better known as “The Kouk”. He’s one of Australia's leading economic visionaries, past chief economist of Citibank and probably most famous for being Chief Economic Advisor to Julia Gillard. He's renowned for being able to turn complex economic analysis into terms mere mortals can understand.

We cover a vast array of topics including:

  1. Election Promises by Liberal/Labor - what will happen to negative gearing?

  2. The Banking Royal Commission - the effect it’s having on property prices.

  3. Infrastructure - Is enough in place to cope with population growth?

  4. Why waiting for the ‘bottom of the market’ when looking to buy your home can cost you big.

“The Kouk” really lifts the lid on all things economic, housing and the levers that drive the property market.

Veronica Morgan