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Episode 52 | How can property buyers get it wrong with contracts? | Jennie Tonner, Cremorne Conveyancing


Plus all the dirt on the hidden pitfalls in off-the-plan contracts.

We are very excited to share our conversation with Jennie Tonner, our very first conveyancer on “The Elephant”. She is one of Australia’s most experienced conveyancers who has spent decades working in the “big end of town” and now runs her own small business, Cremorne Conveyancing.

You’ll learn an incredible amount about what can so easily go wrong for buyers who don’t invest in good legal advice. Jennie shares her experience and wisdom, including:

  • What can’t be changed in a contract during the cooling off period.

  • How the contract review process changes for buyers when the market cools down and heats up.

  • A few horror stories with buying off the plan.

  • How some developments sell before they even have council consent!

  • What a release of deposit clause is and what you should do if you see one.

  • When you are protected if you buy a property without council approval for building works.

This is a brilliant episode which highlights the importance of getting good advice before you sign on the dotted line.

Where you can find Jennie:

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