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Episode 51 | What’s in property development for Chinese investors? | Cameron MacQueen, PAI Group


The traps to avoid when getting involved with property developments.

Cameron Macqueen knows why the Chinese want to invest in Australian property. After 5 years growing a big business in China he came back to Australia to run a Chinese property development company - PAI Group. PAI have been building 100’s of small developments, mainly in Melbourne’s middle ring suburbs. These developments are funded by Chinese citizens mainly to get two things, a great return and a permanent residency status in Australia.

Here are some highlights:

  • The different ways Chinese think about property.

  • How Chinese gut apartments and want everything brand new.

  • How you can get Permanent Residency if you have a bit of cash.

  • The market risk in doing developments.

  • How Chinese build community developments that are amazing places to live.

  • How we are going to grow our cities, as we grow our population

We finish we some rather hilarious tree cutting dumbos so be sure to tune in till the end!

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