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Episode 50 | The biggest lessons from the first 25 episodes | Veronica & Chris summer series 3

Plus a deep dive into exactly why buying off-the-plan is so risky

In this episode, Veronica and Chris finish the summer series with a discussion about some of the biggest  “aha” moments in the first 25 episodes.

As always, this conversation covers a lot of ground as we pull snippets from different interviews and discuss the key lessons and takeaways in more detail.

  • The most common behavioural biases we have that let us down.

  • What’s really happening during an auction sales process.

  • Agent tactics to get you to make an offer.

  • How we are not fans of “Positive Cash Flow”

  • The Interest Only Cliff and what it will impact

  • How data analytics are going to change property investing in the future.

  • Flaws in new buildings and the risks of buying off the plan.

This is the 50th episode and there’s so much to learn that only the first 25 episodes could be covered in this chat! Listen up and come back, the second 25 episodes will be tackled soon - there’s so much more gold in them!

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