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Episode 2 | How successful auctioneers know when to push you to bid more | Damien Cooley, Cooley Auctions


Secrets of a successful auctioneer & tricks most bidders fall for.

This week we interview Damien Cooley, probably Australia’s most famous property auctioneer, well known for his appearances in nearly every series of The Block.

Damien is extremely candid and reveals some absolute gold:

  • How he reads body language and uses it to get buyers to make higher bids.

  • How he creates momentum and urgency

  • How he modifies the way he speaks to different bidders in order to get them to follow his suggestions

  • The signs buyers give that tell him they have more money

  • The circumstances when auctioneers actually want a low bid and why buyers should give them a high one

  • What he thinks about agents quoting “buyer feedback”

  • His hot tip for buyers agents

  • Some of the moral dilemmas he has faced at auctions

You really should never bid at auction without listening to this first.


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