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Episode 3 | What do real estate agents really say behind the scenes? | Matt Hayson, Cobden & Hayson


How  real estate agents assess buyers and which ones pay more.

This week we interview Matt Hayson, real estate salesperson and director of Cobden & Hayson, which has 5 offices in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Matt is widely known as a straight shooter and doesn’t disappoint in this episode. His insights include:

  • The news buyers should need to listen to in order to make good decisions

  • Different types of buyers and which ones get the best deals

  • How emotion overrides some buyers, even though they’ve done a lot of research

  • How investors manifest emotion in their decision making

  • The challenge buyers have in working out how to deal with different types of agents

  • The conversations top agents have with their vendors behind the scenes

  • Specific buyer influencing strategies used in a buyer’s market

  • Why agents might give buyers “free” advice

  • Why some unscrupulous agents are good for buyers to deal with

  • The danger of relying on auction clearance rates to determine market conditions

  • The truth about pre-auction offers

  • How some vendors cost themselves a good sale price

Anybody thinking of buying or selling will find this episode packed full of absolute revelations.


Cobden & Hayson

Veronica Morgan