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Episode 4 | How your emotions are targeted before you get to the open house | Kate Lumby, Lumby Hampson


The secret to influencing buyers when selling lifestyle properties.

Kate Lumby, sales agent, auctioneer and principal of Lumby Hampson in Sydney’s Hills District, reveals the performance art of property sales. In this episode we learn about:

  • The props used by agents to “sell the dream”

  • How she breaks down the barriers between auctioneer and bidder and gets an opening bid

  • Different buyer behaviour and the buyers who are their own worst enemy

  • How the “elephant” affects agents, vendors and buyers

  • Tips for becoming the favourite buyer of both the agent and the vendor and why some people get to buy a property for less money

  • How she recognizes buyers who are in “peak buying mode”

  • The type of property she refuses to sell

  • How an agent’s mindset will impact the sale price

  • The research property buyers should do

  • How good agents lead a buyer to the negotiation table

This episode reveals all the little details that affect the way property buyers behave.


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