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Episode 5 | The true cost of a lack of trust in the property industry | Shannan Whitney, BresicWhitney


Confessions of a sales agent; what the future holds and what needs to change.

This is quite a philosophical conversation with Shannan Whitney of BresicWhitney about the relevance of real estate agents in our changing world. We talked about many “elephants” and Shannan did not hold back on discussing:

  • Outmoded real estate agent practises

  • How self promotion in the age of social media misses the mark

  • Where industry awards fall short and reward the wrong type of behaviour

  • How the accepted measures of success fail both vendors and buyers

  • Why the current industry structure doesn’t support change

  • The importance of trust in a real estate transaction and how lack of trust hurts both buyers and sellers

  • How published price guides make agents accountable, which is why many won’t commit to them

  • What happens behind the scenes when a low offer is made

  • Decoding “agent-speak” with some handy translations

  • What do auction price guides really mean?

The insights in this episode about the offer process will change the way you buy your next property.



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