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Episode 6 | Learn how to sort through property data and choose what's important | Kent Lardner, JLL Australia


Don't believe the hype! What property statistics can you rely on?

Kent Lardner is a “geek with a personality” and he discusses different types of property data and explains what’s important. Knowing a little bit can be dangerous, largely because of the inconsistencies & nuances of data, of which most of us know nothing. In our chat we cover:

  • The trouble with median sales data

  • What information you need to look at beyond sales data

  • How agent bias can affect vendor price expectations

  • What goes into an AVM (automated valuation model), when they are used and why automated estimates vary so much from actual sales prices in Australia

  • Technological advances that might soon mean machines replace property valuers & real estate agents

  • Short term and long term indicators that predict capital growth

  • When and how to seek out local knowledge

  • Tips for making an objective assessment of property value so you can work out what to pay

  • How to use search engines to uncover more properties with potential

If you want to make better property decisions, this episode is a must-listen-to!


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