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Episode 7 | Are pre-auction offers really in a buyer's best interests? | Mary Anne Cronin, Phillips Pantzer Donnelly


The inside scoop on why more properties sell before auction in a slowing market

Mary Anne Cronin, sales agent at PPDRE in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches, talks about buyer behaviour in her patch as well as sharing insights into the whole pre-auction offer process. We cover a lot of ground in this interview, including:

  • The things property buyers do that surprise her

  • The precise point in a marketing campaign where buyers lose interest

  • How she works both buyers and vendors in a slowing market

  • The importance of transparency in negotiations

  • How educated buyers can put themselves at a disadvantage

  • What and how downsizers are buying in her area

  • Meaningful questions buyers should be asking real estate agents

  • The decisions buyers need to make when trying to upgrade into a house

And we get the answer to that multi-million dollar question: why are prices so high in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs?


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