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Episode 54 | Why auctions don't fly in Brisbane but unrenovated 'Queenslanders' do! | Haesley Cush, Ray White New Farm


Buy wisely, don’t get caught in the apartment glut!

Haesley Cush, auctioneer, sales agent and principal, opens up about the Brisbane property market and explains how apartments can lose money while unrenovated Queenslanders in the same suburbs sell for ridiculous prices. What are the best buys in Brisbane at the moment?  Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • The Brisbane property market & why locals don’t like auctions.

  • What's a good property investment & what’s not in Brissy.

  • Why it’s easier than you think to over capitalise on an unrenovated “Queenslander”.

  • Oversupply of apartments - what’s going on?

There is so much insider knowledge here!

Haesley’s details:

Veronica Morgan