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Episode 55 | Is commercial real estate only for the sophisticated investor? | Malcolm Gunning, Gunning Real Estate

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Short term vs long term thinking and how it affects your future wealth.

Malcolm Gunning has been in real estate forever & his agency Gunning Real Estate focuses on commercial, industrial, retail, residential & development real estate. They also provide services in sales, leasing, property management, consultancy, & valuation.

Here is some of what we covered:

  • What is sophisticated investor & do they always get it right?

  • The 3 main methods used to value a commercial property.

  • How to target the right buyer pool when selling an investment property.

  • Why foot traffic, infrastructure & the neighbouring retailer is so important.

  • Rent movements, yield, land value & capital growth in the commercial world.

It’s our first episode on commercial real estate, and it’s full of great insights!

Veronica Morgan