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Episode 59 | Your money mindset & how it affects your property decisions | Suzy Jacobs, Finesque

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How to grow your wealth from the inside out!

In this episode, we pick the brains of Suzy Jacobs, a fabulously outspoken and honest pioneer in women lead business networks. Suzy founded SheBusiness and has lead thousands to business success. She sold SheBusiness and launched Finesque in 2016 to demystify financial language and create opportunities for individuals to grow their financial independence and security. We discover:

  • How your beliefs about money have long term effects on your financial future.

  • Is it ok to hand responsibility of financial decisions over to a third party?

  • How unconscious beliefs drive our decision making when it comes to property.

  • Why we need to slow down & be accountable property investors.

  • Transitional thinking & why it makes a big difference.

This episode will really make you rethink where your financial future is headed.

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