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Episode 48 | What's going to happen to the property market in 2019 and how to borrow money? | Veronica & Chris summer special 1

In this episode we have a look at 2019 and what could change in “the property market”.

This is the first of our 2019 summer specials and we reflect back on what some of our podcast guests have had to say about the big issues affecting property prices.

  • Peter Koulizos talks Australia.

  • Pete Wargent talks Brisbane.

  • The Kouk talks all things interest rates and what the RBA could do.

  • Mark Foy explains why some properties are performing better than others.

  • John Lindeman explains how scarcity really works and where to buy for long term growth.

  • We talk about the flight to quality, property fundamentals and how many different markets perform.

Please listen to the end because Chris gives a great summary of how home loan lending has changed and what to do about it in 2019.

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